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away to 2000.
Saturday, 29 October 2011 ? 0 hipsters ?
i miss when my sisters and i were pretending that we're asleep when dad was on the door. i miss to have slumber party with mom's bestie whenever dad is not around. i miss my childhood's besties. i miss sneaking out to the playground. i miss that moment where i'm crying and dad was like, 'hush, baby. hush'. i miss to play as little innocent miss matured. i miss nanny to fed me everytime i was rushing to sch. i miss when dad's hug was the highest place that i can go to make me at ease. i miss when i easily scored the best place in an exam. i miss the nonsense list of things that i want for ever striving for the excellent. i miss having birthday party with a hello kitty cake every year. i miss when the only hurtful things is skinned knees. i miss when the only broken things are my toys. no matter how dysfunctional it was, i just miss it. -____________-'

shhhh! keep it just between us :)

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