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Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.
Sunday, 6 November 2011 ? 0 hipsters ?

i know it's a bit late. but, Happy Eid'ul Adha. niat aku nak makan sikit terbantut di tengah jalan. CikMa, your cookings rawk! by the way, this Eid'ul Adha makes me want to travel far, you know. not that i'm not grateful to have chance to celebrate them with families. it's just, i want freshness in relationship. i want experiences. i know it's hard. i know it hurts.

contohnya, macik aku keep talking about her children this morning. she sounds very sad. praying all the time. she said; 'mudah-mudahan jugaa lah anakku berjaya ba kesian' and etc. i heard what she said but it doesnt trading in because i was focusing 55% on the food =p *i want my mother did that for me to. yknow. praying for me dari kejauhan, sedih2. hmp

the thing is, they learn to appreciate you much-much-much more when you are not around. that is why i wanted to be away. more to attention-seeking eh? hmp. maybe i never get that type of attention from mom. MAYBE. but that is just it. once i step out of the junior college, i'll find my way far-far-far from here. aminn! 

anyway, i feel something is wrong. something is missing. and i dont know what is it. miserable enough to make me miserable-level-babun-tersepit -____-

people, this happy-go-lucky AEZALIA is also an ordinary girl. have feelings, have her own stand, have her own problems. why keep acting like everything you guys did wont affect me? why keep giving me more than i can hold? why keep treating like you guys are the only one who want to be respected, want to be understood? when will my feelings can be considered? why keep deciding for me when you dont even know what i want, what i like? hmp

dear Mr L sayangg, you may dont know this, that; my baju kurung and your baju Melayu is a total match. just like us, i wish. 

shhhh! keep it just between us :)

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