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Wednesday, 7 December 2011 ? 0 hipsters ?
never wish for you to come in my life and be a part of me. when you're gone, it takes quite a while to fix thing and put everything back to its place. come a time where everything was falling apart, you still were'nt here. when it all started to be okey again, you return. we did fight. you, poker-facely asked, 'you want me to be gone for good?'. eeee kamu ni bodoh ka apa? let bygone be bygone. apa yang penting, kamu di sini sekarang. unfortunately, my ego wont let you in. 

dear orang yang di saaana tu =p
it wouldnt be the same to travel with you. tau lah politik kampung un? - - once AGAIN, saya akan menjadi habuan nyamokk - - tu part yang paaling ta best sedunia. no worry lah, sayangg. saya beli ole-2 banyak-2 sampai ta banyak untuk you, k? seriously, saya ta da mood mau tinggalkan tawau. ta excited pun. ta shuke ler macam ni *mengada -..- OKEYY laa sayangg, imissyou :)

Tawau, look after my darling when i am not around. Kuala Lumpur, here i come :')

shhhh! keep it just between us :)

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