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Tuesday, 1 May 2012 ? 0 hipsters ?


okey. terperuk dalam bilik yang super hot. ntah apa kena dengan air-cond yang usang ini. so dengan muka serabai, i just feel like writing, menn. supposed, today, aku kena suruh balik pergi asrama yang ntah apa-apa tu. luckily, mama and baba wasn't around. went to KK. ada urusan kerajaan. and fortunately, no one can drive me back there. more fortunately, i'm sick *konon* and not feeling well to attend school. a beat of relief we have here. taken care by granny and accompanied by siblings. mama always called. as if they gone for too long. too worry that we accidentally leave the stove burn like i did last year. almost got the house on fire. teheeeee :D

i know i should not write about you but, heyya! i heard your bro was off to the National Service. i'm pretty sure you'll feeling lonely as many of your time spent being with him. remember what i told you? i dont like you. being sad. remember what i told you? remember the promise that we've made? it doesn't matter if we're together or not. share. we promised that, that night. you sad, you share. not to daftly keep it to yourself. susahsenangsamasama. ingat? no matter how you constantly push me away, imma be right here. in case you need me. JUST COME BACK WHEN YOU THINK IT'S TIME. iloveyou.never will stop :* 

and yknow what, heyy girl, i kindly advising you to seriously, get a life. FYI, i'm not a quitter. i love him and not going to quit just because you don't like me to. you got that? all right, i thought i have made it clear. shooo! mind your own buisness ._.

shhhh! keep it just between us :)

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