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Sunday, 19 August 2012 ? 0 hipsters ?
great. just great. yeahh, with the teacher blaming me, friends that sometimes fading away, small fight with Caca. nothing more than that. i am a lifeless bitch, baby. 

SPM? belum pun dapat jemputan untuk majlis solat hajat kat sekolah, mama dah kata taknak pergi. katanya, sejak kes aku, dia dah tak punya hati untuk ke sana. sedangkan mama yang tak rasa benda tu boleh tawar hati semacam itu, inikan lagi aku. hairannya, mama masih taknak bagi aku pindah. ma, i barely see this game that we played all along -.-

syawal ni, everyone came. me? surely happy. the more, the merrier, the more duit raya. and i get to learn what ugly society really is. you know, a community of people who won't stop complaining about other people. yeahh get used to that alot! level of insecurity increasing. hell yeah credit for them! 

anti-social. that's how bestest cuzy describe me. too social network-ing? no lah. i just dislike to hang out with mulut-serupa-longkang type of people. better spend time with the internet kan? they should noted that. karang tak pasal aku gaduh dengan orang -.-

on phone tadi, Fatin texted. he sends his regard and apology. sinking feeling. feels like my heart drop. feels like that text is putting salts on my cuts. asking for a chance to explain? no way. i'll blow it anyfuckingway. have feelings that something is wrong with the girl version of him too. goshh! i wanna explain everything. so bad.

okayy got to go. aunty panggil suruh cari uban. see? hahaha thats what i am trying to say. lots of screwed love. x

p/s: wiewl be uplowding picxcha with le gediks late-ahhh. *british accent* sila muntah pelangi ke langit. occaybye -.-

shhhh! keep it just between us :)

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